Why You Need Eye On Your Home

Home Security, Maintenance and Management

Why Do You Need Us

Have you ever…

  • Had a maintenance or security issue develop at your home while you were absent for an extended period of time?
  • Paid a cleaning company and later wished it was actually clean, not just look clean?
  • Tried to manage your vacation rental from a distance and wished you just had a set of eyes and hands in WNC to assist in the process?
  • Been frustrated while trying to find a qualified, insured service vendor to respond to a need at your home?
  • Given up a scheduled tee/tea time to deal with a maintenance need that could have been facilitated before arriving at your vacation home?
  • Wished you had only one phone number to call to take care of all your home’s needs?
  • Been upset with a local vendor who did not complete or accomplish a professional job on your home?
  • Wish that you, as a Realtor with a vacant home listing, could focus on the sales and marketing of the home rather than the maintenance issues such as lawn, snow removal, gutter cleaning, etc.?
  • Had to get a home sale-ready as an executor of an estate-held home here in North Carolina while living in another state?
  • Gone on an extended vacation and wished someone could check on your home, take in the mail, water the plants and garden, etc. so you have the peace of mind that all is well?
  • Built a home and after the warranty runs you are expected to facilitate all the homes needs anyway?
  • Had your home cleaned and thought to yourself, “I could have done that surface clean, I need it detailed clean” or wished you could just trust your cleaning service to rotate deep needs regularly on their own?
  • As a builder built a home and wished you could bring in a construction cleaning crew who understood “Move in ready conditions” that would impress the owner and make the project glow?
  • As a insurance agent had a client come home to damage from broken pipes that has gone undiscovered for months?
  • As a FRBO want to have management support when necessary but not be locked into a company?

If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, then you see why Eye On Your Home can be of great assistance to you.

What can we do to make your life easier?” Call us to find out.