Estate/Executor Management

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the relocation to an assisted living community or loss of a loved one? Are you handling the responsibility of the estate? There are many tasks left to an executor. Perhaps you are now responsible for the care of a home and do not live close enough to manage the necessary needs of ownership. If selling the home has been decided then Eye On Your Home can assist in the laundry list of items needed to get the home in marketable condition. We can recommend listing agents that are experienced and trustworthy. Once the home is on the market, Eye On Your Home can keep an Eye on security and any regular maintenance needs till the home is sold, allowing your agent is focused on marketing and selling the property and keeping the home up to it’s fullest potential. If the family decides to keep the home for their own enjoyment then Eye On Your Home can assist in the management of the home as in any second home owner management would require. Please look over Second Home Owners for more details. Eye On Your Home is here to assist in any way needed during this time of loss. Call us today and find out how we can ease your burden during this sorrowful time.
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